June 25, 2013 

Better Together Collingwood encourages residents to voice their opinions through a confidential community survey.

Collingwood - Better Together Collingwood has launched a community survey to determine the issues that residents feel need to be addressed in order to achieve economic and social sustainability. The survey can be accessed by visiting the Better Together Collingwood website, Facebook page or through the survey link. The survey will close on July 29, 2013.
There is an absence of fulsome community consultation and a strategic plan developed by the community in Collingwood. By completing this survey, all residents will have the opportunity to confidentially voice their concerns about what they feel are the critical priorities in the community.

“We have the potential for a very bright future, but we need a community driven plan and leadership that has vision and is committed to engaging and responding to the concerns of the residents,” said Brian Saunderson, spokesperson for Better Together Collingwood. “There is strength in numbers and once we can hear from the community, we can develop creative solutions and plans together.”

From the feedback Better Together Collingwood has received to date through community consultation,residents feel that municipal government transparency, meaningful community consultation before major decisions are made, business attraction, job creation and community planning are some of the top issues.

Volunteer members of Better Together Collingwood are from diverse professional and community backgrounds such as legal, accounting, medicine, economic development, public relations, faith community, sport development, planning, not-for-profit, communications and business. All members are committed to achieving a common goal – a sustainable, flourishing Town for residents and tourists.

All residents are encouraged to fill out the survey. Once the survey closes, Better Together Collingwood will publish the results. The next step will be to organize meetings with residents and volunteers to hear about innovative ways to improve the sustainability of Collingwood.


About Better Together Collingwood
Better Together Collingwood (BTC) was established by residents who share a common goal tostrengthen our community. Residents must work together to ensure that Town governance is managed with unquestionable honesty and integrity. BTC works together with all stakeholders toward the redevelopment of a Town that is economically and socially sustainable and that respects the needs of residents, through an achievable plan.

Media Contact: Brian Saunderson 
Phone: (705) 443-0167

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