74% Are Not Satisfied with Collingwood Council

“The results of the Better Together Collingwood (BTC) community survey are in and 74% of the respondents are unsatisfied to very unsatisfied with the current Council,” says Brian Saunderson, spokesperson for BTC.

The survey was available for all residents to offer their opinion about what is good about Collingwood, the challenges, satisfaction levels with Council and provide suggestions as to go forward priorities. Over 460 residents responded to the survey well above the 375 needed to offer an opinion reflective of the community.

Better Together Collingwood wanted to base its work on community input and an open and confidential survey was the best way to reach all residents and ensure candid responses. BTC can now defend what it is that residents want and not rely on hearsay and unquantified opinions.

The message from respondents is loud and clear, residents enjoy the natural features and lifestyle opportunities in Collingwood but the lack of effort to be proactive, transparent and engage residents has to change. The survey results strongly indicate that residents want:

- A community driven strategic plan

- A local government with unquestionable integrity

- The development of an aggressive economic development strategy and job creation plan

- Sincere efforts to engage community members, and

- Accountability through communications

“We thank the residents for showing such interest and level of care for Collingwood, there is so much good in the community. It is our hope that Council takes the results seriously and begins to work more effectively and openly within the community,” says Saunderson.


About Better Together Collingwood Better Together Collingwood (BTC) was established by Collingwood residents who share a common goal to strengthen the governance of our community. Residents must work together to ensure that Town is managed with unquestionable honesty and integrity. BTC works together with all stakeholders toward the re-development of a Town that is economically and socially sustainable and respects the needs of residents, through an achievable plan.

Media Contact: Brian Saunderson brian.saunderson@hotmail.com Phone (705) 443-0167


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